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Excuse our construction site. We had only 120 hours to rebuild after Microsoft 365 tsunami devastation. There's a lot of editorial clean-up to do. Our to-do-list is overflowing. Come visit us again. Copyright © 2005-2014, The Wright Solution ®

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with ONE step forward, TWO Advil's and THREE Hawaii Kona coffee's"-Bill Wright

Through-out American history amazing people and products changed our lives. Millions worldwide have been touched by their solutions and product innovations. Millions more have jobs and a future.


A chance meeting with a former Junior Achievement's Project Business Student from Mr. Wright's 80's community high school charity work started the wheels turning again.  


Amazing People Profiles© 2009


The Student inspired not just by Mr. Wright's basic business and economics teachings but more by the discussions of entrepreneurs backgrounds and his 80's prophecy that the digital age would empower young people,not older people, to lead the revolution.  


Over a few cups of coffee they pondered the possibilities of inspiring the next generation of teachers and students.  Free on-demand access to educational information for teachers and students alike was the solution. 


At the same time Mr. Wright wanted a 'centralized' source for financial news, data and tools. He also needed a cloud presents for showcasing two resort rental properties.


This was the genesis of the first We dedicated the website to men and women that embody -The American Tradition of Yankee Ingenuity.

We recognized their achievements. We honored their 'can do' American Spirit. We saluted those trail blazers who came before in Amazing People Profiles© and await those yet unborn.
Alas, our was vaporized in the great Microsoft Office 365 migration of 2012. The Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 had nothing to do with its demise. The IT coroner's office determined the cause of death was an Asteroid of unknown origins, crashing to earth during the migration. 
Amazing People Profiles© 1985

While staring at the charred website remains we had a vision. A 1970's TV rerun vision...the voice from...The Six Million Dollar Man spoke, "Gentleman, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."

So,Window To Wall Street® will still be the proud sponsor of rebuilding those ePortals to educational videos, inspirational people and controversial issues. We should add, "...for as long as the money and time can stretch".  

We've worked around the clock to rebuild the best of what was lost in just 120 hours. But keep in mind it left us no time to polish and shine. We'll call in the spell checkers and editors soon.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions. Yes, please do let us know if you see anything resembling a typo. You'd be doing us a favor.

Meanwhile, we thought, let the public in the doors now. Check out these samples of what we've been building:

 Financial News Central 

 Stocks & Sectors 

 Accounting Basics

 Achievement Academy


We'll still travel the World-Wide-Web to seek and secure new educational treasures. Like the 1970 Carpenter's hit, "We've only just begun".

You choose: Lake Tahoe or Orlando

Bill Wright once-upon-a-time.   


The Ridge Tahoe ResortA five star resort built on the Sierra Nevada ridge above Lake Tahoe. Overlooking the beautiful Carson Valley. Nestled on a spectacular Sierra Nevada ridge high above Lake Tahoe, this 11 acre hotel resort offers year-round vacation rentals with panoramic views and luxurious accommodations.


The hotel resort is located on Heavenly Ski Resort's Nevada slope, adjacent to Stagecoach Lodge and ski chair lift.  Lake Tahoe offers seven surrounding resorts. Ski a different resort each day or don't even bother starting and loading your car daily.  Avoid all commutes. Just chill skiing at Heavenly daily. Sundown, head to a Casino for dinner and a show. The choice is yours.


Resort Skiers get access to a new private monorail gondola that ferries you to the Heavenly ski lifts. Our 302-unit resort features deluxe two bedroom Condominium Suites with balcony and contemporary gas fireplaces.


click to view more


Cypress Pointe Grand Villas-In the secluded Lake Buena Vista community, just 2 miles from Downtown Disney®, less than 4 miles from SeaWorld, 7 miles from Universal Studios, and less than 8 miles from Magic Kingdom® Park.


click to view more


3 Bedrooms 3 Bath Rooms 2 Kitchens2 Balconies. Units are large and with the two sleeper sofas can sleep up to ten. But no need to be jammed in it's perfect for six with the adults getting not one but two master bedrooms.


Our newly remodeled Kitchens allows you to save money by unleashing your inner chief. Before bed treat yourself to the master bathrooms Jacuzzi bubble bath tub. You'll not find these amenities and living space in a hotel room.


Hotel rooms offer no room for a family to spread out and just relax. Our 1,547 square foot Cypress Pointe Villas provide plenty of private space to chill. Newly remodeled super size units, near the house the mouse built. 










We expand critical thinking with 'Educational Editorials©' 
You get free access to financial and educational sources via Wright-Portal© and The Wright Education StationTM
You gain new indepth insight into

leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs' through 'Amazing People Profiles©'.

It's not all business or finance either. We continue to partnered with sources of super quality educational cloud content like PBS.
Achievement Academy was added to provide a treasure trove of profiles and videos on the world's most influential people (past and present).
Just in time learning. Financial data delivered daily via 'Wright-Portal©'. Updated daily. Instant on demand 24/7 free access.
We hope you find this website interesting and informative. 
We hope teachers and students alike find it a valuable source of free supplemental educational learning.
Amazing People Profiles© 1983

This summer we salute one living CEO legend. Like the ancient greek mythological Phoenix, he resurrected his company, up from the ashes.

Now that Chrysler Corporation has recovered from its 2009 chapter 11 bankruptcy, it's only appropriate we feature its 1st savior, Lee Iacocca.

With todays shareholder's outraged over excessive pay, perk and platinum parachutes for CEO's, Iacocca's offer to take a $1 salary and stock options was historic. How many C-Level employees during America's most recent world financial crisis offered to lead the way with pay cuts?

To be clear, Iacocca was no saint. He had the management and automotive experience. But he'd just been fired by Henry Ford II from the Ford. Many believe it resulted from Henry's inability to share power and the limelight with Lee.
Iacocca was a cigar smoking bold and brash individual with no shortage of bravado. Yet a take charge powerful persuasive leader was just what Chrysler needed to obtain government loan guarantees

 to keep Chrysler afloat through a recession.

Lee Iacocca, personified 'Yankee Ingenuity and Inspiration'.
New to this rebuild is our Financial Training section. A selection of free on-demand 24/7 College level training videos. CFA financial exam prep videos are also included.
Thank you for your interest in our website. Bookmark us now to your favorte's list. Come back and vist soon. 
Amazing People Profiles© 1964
Window To Wall Street® is a private small investment management and research company.
The Wright Vacation® is a small vacation rental business. Properties are located in Lake Tahoe next to Heavenly Ski Resort and Orlando next to six theme parks including Disney World.
The Wright Solution® is a metaphor for hiring a few multi-skilled individuals to save you tons of money while getting the job done faster. Like they say in design school 'less is more'. Your problem becomes our solution. We get the job done. On time. On budget.
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