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About Wright Solution®
If you need new ideas or a solution, you need the Wright Solution®.
If you need a committed deticated resource to accomplishing a task now, you need the Wright Solution® .
The Wright Solution® provides a seasoned veteran in rapid deployment task completion in areas of Accounting, Financial Analysis, Project Management, Marketing, Communications, Training, Office Automation and IT Projects.
William M Wright AA BBA MBA

High-energy individual with BBA & MBA business education majoring in accounting, finance & management with minors in communications and economics
High-energy individual with BBA & MBA business education majoring in accounting, finance & management with minors in communications and economics
■ Management experience: 2 years manager and 15 years of department Director experiance leading people and projects within Fortune 200 Nationwide's Insurance and Investment company
■ Director level responsibility for Marketing, Product Development, Strategic Planning, Communications, Training & SEC / NASD Compliance, and quarterly Board Reporting to Nationwide Investing Foundation.
■ Work experience in accounting, auditing, tax, finance, marketing, strategic planning, business and product development, research, project management, training, communications, SEC / NASD compliance, customer service and IT projects ■ Excellent creative and analytical skills ■ Strong verbal, report writing and presentation communication skills ■ Leadership & Management continuing education ■ Multi-million dollar budget management, P & L and Board reporting experience ■ Strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills ■ Experienced in relationship management ■ Client and Customer Service experiance ■ Very flexible and adaptable to new situations ■ Excellent computer skills and technology knowledge ■
Background in:

• Investments & Insurance
• Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds & Variable Annuities
• Accounting, Auditing, Tax & Finance
• Financial & Business Analysis
• People & Project Management
• Variable Budgets
• Standards Cost Accounting
• Cost Benefit Analysis
• Operational Improvement Reviews
• Financial Board Reporting
• Enterprize IT & Office Automation
• Excel Financial Modeling
• Strategic Planning
• Business Best Practice Reviews
• Focus Groups & Research
• Business Development

• Microsoft Office & OS Products
• Management Reports
• Product & Business Development
• Business Report Writing
• Relationship Management
• SEC & NASD Compliance
• Marketing & Branding
• Shareholder Reports
• SEC Prospectus Development
• Communications & Desktop Publishing & Newsletters
• Design & Copy Writing
• Website Design & Development
• Training
• Basic & Advanced Tax

• Microsoft Office 2010 to 2003

• Microsoft Office 365 & Small Business cloud software
• Leadership & Mgmt. College
• Nationwide Insurance & Mangement School
• Pro-forma Computer Models
• Employee Coaching & Evaluations
• Tax School, H & R Block & Jackson Hewitt
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Microsoft OS XP & 7
• Six Thinking Hats-Dr. Bono
• Intuit – Quick Books & Turbo Tax
• Fidelity Investment Pro System
• MS Excel , Access , Word & PowerPoint
• Adobe Acrobat & PageMaker
• Peachtree - Accounting
• 7 Habits Effective People-Dr. Covey
• Novell GroupWise System
• Offshore IBC & Tax Havens
• Public Speaking Seminars
• MS Visio & Project Manager
• Enterprise Collaboration Tools
• Crystal Reports
• Website development
• 12 Years of Investment Company Institute Seminars & Confrences
• SEC / NASD S 6 & 26 Exams

Management major. Attended night school while working full time & achieved a 3.4 GPA (4.0 scale).

Dual majors in accounting & finance with minors in economics & communications. Graduated cum laude with
4.0 GPA in finance & 3.65 overall GPA (4.0 scale). Education was 100% self financed. Awarded scholarship for scholastic excellence. Dean’s list all semesters. Beta Alpha Phi, Accounting honors.

Majored in business. Graduated in top of class with 3.9 GPA (4.0 scale). Education 100% self-financed.
SENIOR FINANCIAL ANALYST / CONTRACTOR - WINDOW TO WALLSTREET (Start-up Co) 2000-Present Private hedge fund portfolio management & analytical research services. Provide portfolio management & web-based updates in real-time viewable 24/7 anywhere in world. Performed research & develop custom investment portfolios. Conducted financial reviews of Income Statements, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheets combined with technical analysis and industry outlook. Review companies relative strength to peers, market and future earnings sector outlook.

In 2005, began contract consulting. Awarded contract with State of Ohio Department of Public Safety to perform a financial review of the Ohio Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) IT costs and fee structure. The work included: auditing, process mapping, financial analysis, excel computer forecast modeling, consultations with senior management, steering committee presentations, development of a new fee structure and four project reports. Work expanded into developing digital communications and marketing materials to educate Ohio agencies L.E.A.D.S. benefits and new fee structure. In 2006/07/08 contracted with H&R Block to perform client tax reviews and computerized tax preparation for federal, state and city returns. In 2007
contracted with Spectrum Global to review its India accounting services for hedge funds. Performed daily accounting reconciliation and wrote report recommendations.

Led 15 professionals in growing investment business through marketing, product & sales training programs; Directed field communications & desktop publishing projects. Conducted product & sales training. Created monthly newsletter and educational guide. Developed sales literature & promotions. Created e-marketing & training programs. Created NASD continuing education program. Conducted surveys, conferences & focus groups. Participated in web site development. Developed annual budget & performed performance reviews. Represented Nationwide on Investment Company Institute committees. Worked with McKinsey & Company
on a Nationwide Agency department restructuring project. After departmental restructuring performed
Consulting work for the Office of the President on a six-month assignment. Project work included post acquisition integration of $1.6 billion Allied Insurance & $250 million Insurance Companies into Nationwide. Reported to Nationwide Merger & Acquisition Officer. Interfaced with senior management to shepherd projects
& manage change. Helped in identifying operational efficiencies and cost savings. Analyzed & drafted
executive management report for $100 million dollar business venture. Developed solution reducing regional
office expenses by $1 million & freed up $5 million in cash.

Reported to President & quarterly to Board of Directors investment management business. Served on four Investment Company Institute committees. Duties included: Leading 15 professionals in growing mutual fund
and variable annuity sales; strategic planning, research & business intelligence; shareholder reports & prospectus development; shareholder & producer communications; implemented desktop publishing systems. Conducted NASD & SEC sales literature review & filings; direct marketing & monthly promotions; developing
e-information systems; product & sales training programs; managing internal & external partner relationships. Elected Assistant Treasurer of Nationwide Investing Foundation 1990-95 with added responsibilities of shareholder expense control and cost reduction.

Duties included introducing & facilitating strategic planning within Enterprise for Nationwide Financial Services, Nationwide Insurance Company & their subsidiaries. Developed Nationwide Advisory Services first strategic
plan, working with president & vice presidents.

Duties included industry mergers & acquisition monitoring; industry trend research; forecast & budget modeling; project time-line management; cost benefit analysis; financial service industry strategic trends reporting. Developed planning procedures for strategic planning process. Preformed strategic planning training & facilitator role in company implementation.

Hired into an MBA financial management development program. Duties included: Auditing; Standard Cost Accounting & monthly variance analysis; Developing monthly performance forecasting of financial statements
& budgets; Analyzing & writing monthly operational reports of actual sales & profits versus forecast & plan; Developing annual operating plan & strategic long range plan; Capital expenditures cost benefit reviews & monitoring budgets; Lease vs. purchase reviews.

Hired at college for BBA accounting management program. Assignments in Internal Audits; Operation Improvements; Corporate General Ledger Consolidation; Reviewing 10 plants standard cost accounting systems; Assistant to Controller in Budget Management and Appropriations proposals. Promoted to Senior Budget & Accountant Analyst after one year. Responsible for annual budget development and financial
analyze review of $60 million dollar (twenty departments) budget.

Expand southwestern Michigan insurance sales via expanding independent agency force, training and assisting in product marketing.
A lover of fall colors:
William (Bill), grew up in Michigan attending schools in Lowell Michigan on the western state side and then in Lansing Michigan were he graduated from Lansing Everett High School. Earvin "Magic" Johnsonwas his high schools most famous graduate. Bill admits he was a horrible basketball player.
The Early Years:

Bill was a Star level Boy Scout who loved the outdoors and camping. His first public relations and sales job was renting cushions to the public, at an annual Lowell Showboat event, to raise money for the Boy Scouts.
He learned the challenges of running a business through working in his father’s gasoline and full-service station business near Michigan State University. The same University Magic Johnson helped lead to a NCAA Basketball championship and where Google's co-founder Larry Page graduated.
Summers in Michigan often involved week-end trips to his parent’s little summer lake cottage in northern Michigan. He recalls, with great pride, the first car his father gave him - a white 1959 Thunderbird.
Fall was always Bill’s favorite time of year.

The crisp cool Michigan days were invigorating. Drives through country roads with a sea of blazing red and yellow maple leaf colors surrounding you was inspirational. Friday night small town football games where you knew everyone were fun. And driving down town Saturday night in Grand Rapids or Lansing Michigan to experience the car-centric American Graffiti Movie style teen life, was the norm.

While he strived to be a high school sport athletic in Football and Baseball he was soon discovered to be a naturally talented thespian. His high school acting and speech career started with a dare from an english teacher. “None of you male jocks has the nerve to try out for a High School Play”, she exclaimed in class. And that was the beginning of over twenty High School, local community and Michigan State University (Summer Stock Theater) plays that Bill was an actor in. Also, while in High School Bill placed in State and Regional Forensic Oratory competitions.

The College Years:

Bill never planned on earning three college degrees. He started as a Communications major to leverage his early success with theater and speech.
But growing up in Michigan with business recessions every three or four years the norm, Bill changed course to acquire a business degree to get a job.
A consoler convinced him he should procure a dual degree in finance and accounting to insure a job offer upon graduation. So first he obtained an AA in business with communications minor and then a BBA in accounting and finance with a minor in economics. He was also trained in two of the worlds three computer program languages at that time -Basic and Fortran. An MBA was obtained to meet the job requirements of a Senior Financial Analyst for his employer Rockwell International.
He paid 100% of his educational cost by working week ends running a local Gas and Service Station while in college and using savings from working as a Hartfort Insurance territory representative prior to college.

Personal Community Accomplishments:

Leveraging his passion for inspiring school kids into learning, he donated time and teaching talent to Junior Achievement and Project Business for over a decade.

Through reviewing the backgrounds of younger successful people and multi-media, Bill convince students they could accomplish great things too.

Another hit of Bill's was the creation of school stock picking teams and a stock market simulation game to engage kids through hands on learning. Teaching the kids to work in teams to made decisions while learning about investing and capital markets provide a valuable and fun experience.

In a reunion with a former 1989 student (now successful businessman) Mr Wright learned his class prediction in the late 80's of a new Digital Revolution lead by younger twenty something people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Michael Dell was captivating and inspiring to the grade school students.

The former student said he learned more about the Industrial Revolutional and American Capital Markets because he said "Mr. Wright, focused on the stories about the people who created it." He also said "Mr Wright's prediction of the Second American Industrial Revolution being digital lead by young people and financed by old people -got us thinking we could accomplish something big at a very young age too."


The former student requested we find a means to replicate that experience for more people. This website’s mission is to seek to accomplish that task while providing a store front for Window To Wall Street® and The Wright Solution® contract project capablities.

Mr Wright was surprised to learn that his multi-media story on Apple and Steve Jobs is this websites most popular section by a margin of 4x greater than the second most popular section.