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Profiles In Amazing People©
By William M Wright BBA MBA
A well of contributions

There are many people in this world that you can look to for business inspiration.

One of America’s all-time favorite actors is Paul Newman. But few people knew about his business success. Paul's entry into business was purely accidental. And it resulted in a truly unique charity.


Here’s a guy who took a simple idea (his salad dressing recipes) and turned it into one of the most successful philanthropic business ventures we’ve ever seen.


Paul is a wonderful example of how a single business idea can have a massive impact on the world.


For him, it started by selling his popular recipes which grew into a wildly successful business.

The inspiring part of this story is how he then took that success and turned it into a well of contributions for those in need.


We can all draw inspiration from this great American actor, race car driver and philanthropic businessman.

View the top video report to learn the story from the legend himself.

Learn more about Paul Newman's life.