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Excuse our construction site. We had only 120 hours to rebuild after Microsoft 365 tsunami devastation. There's a lot of editorial clean-up to do. Our to-do-list is overflowing. Come visit us again. Copyright © 2005-2014, The Wright Solution ®

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Wright's Profiles In Amazing People©
Now AvailableEvan Carmichael's inspirational website featuring biographies,on these amazing business people. Read this AMAZING HEADLINER section for Wright's Amazing People Profiles©

Also Now Available Wright's Amazing Teen Profiles©:

A section Dedicated to Teens in businesses who have already defied the odds.

In today’s world of Email clutter, spam and a flood of internet website ads it’s easy to overlook the few free digital diamond mines of educational information. We travel the World Wide Web to locate those diamond mines and bring them to you through the Wright-Pass™, Wright-List™ and


Now Available Your Wright-Portal™ to Evan Carmichael website for Motivation, Inspiration & Entrepreneurs’

We recently located, hidden deep in cyber space, the mother load of human achievement stories - packaged in one of the most glamour’s and functional websites I have ever seen. So wondrous is this website workmanship that we have named it to The Wright-List™: Wrights Seven Website Wonders of the World™. Below are the top two websites making the list:

  1. Academy of Achievementis one of the Seven Website Wonders of the World Wide Web for commercial free education and inspiration.
    The depth and breath of information on each individual is outstanding. Magnificent photos of world leaders and achievers.
  2. National Geographic a website dedicated to inspiring people to care about the plant. It's not commercial free -but it is true to its heritage. It brings the world to you through amazing photo’s, videos and live Webcams placed around the world. Fantastic eye candy for all ages.