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Profiles In Amazing People©

by William M Wright BBA MBA 






MyYearbook was founded by a pair of teenage siblings, David and Catherine Cook, and their older brother Geoff (post-graduate), from New Jersey while on their spring break in 2005. Catherine persuaded Geoff, who is an internet small business entrepreneur, to invest $250,000 (USD) for their project. They have since raised $4.1 million in venture capital from U.S. Venture Partners and First Round Capital.


At the launch of the site in April 2005, Dave was a senior and Catherine was a junior; and the project was only activated in local suburban New Jersey. The site was inspired by the typical yearbooks sold in high schools, but was intended to not only keep records of students but also allow them to keep in contact with one another. The site slowly grew to have a user base numbering in the thousands. As with other sites, it is free to register and there are no fees for users.

In November of 2005, merged with myYearbook, adding several thousand members and more than doubling the traffic it received. Since then, myYearbook has been growing at a very rapid rate; it grew 44% from December to November among high school and college students according to a Media Metrix report.

Headquarters in New Hope




Ryan Allis got his first computer at 12 he was teaching people to use the 16 he started a web design company and at 18 he writes his first book “ZERO TO A MILLION”. Today Ryan is CEO of Broadwick.


Ryan Allis is also co-founder of iContact. Below Broadwick CEO Ryan Allis presents the iContact business to investors at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development's Venture 2007 Conference, April 25, 2007 in Durham, NC.


CEO of Two Publicly Traded Companies


Fairy Tale to Nightmare. In a economy of decling livable wage jobs it's easy to understand how more people dream of finding a better opportunities. This could be another of many similiar stories where an individuals communications and public relations skills to raise money are the individuals talent, not business development. Having witnessed several similiar fairy tale stories that ended badly over my lifetime I've learned to ask a fundamental question. If your so successful and rich why would you every need to ask for small scale investments from main street people like plumbers, builders, cashiers and secretaries?  


Ephren Taylor started his first business venture at age 12, when he began making videogames. By age 17, he built a multi-million dollar technology company;

At City Capital Corporation, Taylor oversees over $150 million in assets, serving a diverse client list ranging from Wall Street investors, top executives, professional athletes and even entertainment icons. His concepts on empowering local communities with both profitable and socially-conscious investing and development have made him a frequently requested speaker and panelist for events such as the Wall Street Economic Summit and the Congressional Black Caucus.

Mr. Taylor is also a well-known guest expert broadcasting to millions of households on local and national television and radio shows including CNBC’s Big Idea, FOX News' Your World with Neil Cavuto, Bulls & Bears and the Doug Bank’s Morning Show. He currently hosts the "Soul of Success" radio show now airing on XM Satellite Radio Station on Family Talk 170XM. Taylor’s appeal stretches beyond the United States borders, as he frequently receives interview and appearance requests from international entities, such as the London-based Wealth Monitor and BBC.


2007 The Power of Media in Manufacturing Heros 


Recently, Taylor launched a 25-city “Urban Wealth Tour” promoting economic empowerment, affordable housing and entrepreneurship in urban communities. The tour brings together private investors, educators, non profit organizations, religious institutes, and government forces to create positive change in urban communities.


2011  Were Gates & Jobs success due to speaking skills or doing skills?







Catherine and Dave Cook started as a way of making new friends at the ages of 15 and 16. In 2011, they sold the business for 100 million dollars. Proof even two teens with zero geek programing skills can build a digital cloud business with an idea, lots of work and making the right life connections.


Ashley Qualls..CEO at 17? Whatever! Ashley has just hired her
mother to help her run the business. But mother still expects her to clean her own room. Not so long ago, teen Ashley Qualls lived in a one-bedroom apartment with her mom and sister. But with her computer and savvy business sense she made a better life for all of them.
Ashley Qualls is not your typical high school student at 17 she is the CEO of her own million-dollar business. Ashley is the head of, a website she started when she was just 14 — with eight dollars borrowed from her mother. Now, just three years later, the website grosses more than $1 million a year, providing Ashley and her working class family a sense of security they had never really known. She recently bought her family a 4 bedroom house and built her corporate office in the basement to save money.
This is just one of many amazing stories of how the low-capital intensive digital age has enabled teenagers to accomplish what often required the fathers of the high-capital intensive industrial revolution a life time to accomplish. Wait till you meet her employees!








Learning to work with and convince others. If you made a million why ask us?