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Passive vs. Active Investment Vehicles - Agrees passive can be excellent but so can active
Stossel and Malkiel ( the man who wrote 70's best seller 'Random Walk Down WS) favor PASSIVE  
Legend John Bogle Vanguard Mutual Fund Group founder discusses Indexing benefits
A 12 Step Passive Plan for Successful Long Run Index Investing. From a Multi-Millioniare who bought a MF co. 




Passive vs. Active Investment Vehicles


This debate started in the late 70's. University research using 

mathematics and historical data had resulted in the evolution of collective works of research to formulate the foundation of todays Modern Portfolio Theory. 

Those trained in it most often believe in it and why not? Research continues to show in most any long time period passive index investing out performs the vast majority of high paid money managers.

Yet there are always exceptions to the rule. And hope springs eternal as many involved with Wall Street want to believe they can be that exceptional person who does bet the market averages.

So, I'll bet this debate will never go away. One need only be educated on the pro's and con's. Make your own informed choice.